Around 2004, Brandon realized that he could automate tasks by writing a small program in PHP. His first application, an online roleplaying game, inspired him to continue learning how to use PHP. After graduating in 2007 from University of the Pacific in California, Brandon became a full-time software developer. Brandon quickly grew as a developer, holding roles in multiple different companies throughout the world.

Brandon has been a full time consultant since 2012, and is proud to be a small business owner. Brandon is also proud to help modernize some of the world’s most legacy applications, demonstrating consistent improvement in code and application quality while reducing bugs and increasing tests.

Brandon has worked with companies all over the world in modernizing and improving their legacy applications. By writing tests and improving applications for companies like Perforce, Zend, Toyota, Wells Fargo, Mozilla, Google and more, Brandon has demonstrated a commitment to improving the world through software and modernizing legacy applications.

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