I have written two books to date. You can get both below.

Mastering Object Oriented PHP

cover Write better object oriented PHP today! Object oriented PHP is less of a particular style, and more of a way of thinking. Learn how to think like an object-oriented application developer with Mastering Object Oriented PHP! Get your copy now!

Mastering Object Oriented PHP covers all the things you’ll need to know to apply the best object-oriented design techniques to your application. More than a thousand developers have upgraded their object-oriented development skills with Mastering Object Oriented PHP!

Practical Design Patterns in PHP

pdpp-cover You CAN use design patterns. I’ll show you how. Learning design patterns sucks. This is a cold hard truth faced by many developers. They’d rather have their teeth extracted by a sadistic dentist who uses cayenne peppers instead of Novocaine than try and implement the Abstract Factory or the Mediator Pattern. And can you blame them? Reading the Gang of Four’s Design Patterns is about as exciting as being hit over the head with a mallet. Seriously, that thing could double as a sleeping pill; it should carry a “Do not operate heavy machinery” label.

Avoiding the pain of learning design patterns is exactly why I wrote this book. Instead of a tome of incomprehensible babble, this book is filled with practical, useful techniques that will help you create and execute wonderfully designed applications. Take an opportunity to learn the design patterns you need and get your copy today!

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