Human Skills: Diversity

The Earth is a perfect example of the diversity of the universe. Teeming with life, the Earth represents the power and strength of a diverse biosphere, filled with all kinds of life, from single-cell organisms to complex humans that build incredible structures and blast off into space to explore other worlds. Each piece of the biosphere represents a unique role in our world. No single piece is replaceable. All parts are critical.

In many ways, the necessary diversity of lifeforms on our planet is analogous to the importance of diversity within the human race itself. Humans may share many similar characteristics, but our color, religion, sex, gender, identity and a host of other factors make us unique from one another. Still, every single one of us – every single human – is crucial to the world in which we live. 


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Human Skills: Empathy

I recently hired a new developer for my team at Tailwinds, and during that process I focused on an interview that I referred to as the human skills interview. I’m not a fan of the “soft skills” concept, knowing that “soft skills” tend to be very hard indeed. Instead, I wanted to understand candidates from a holistic and complete perspective, including their skills with other people.

This human skills interview focused on many different aspects of what it means to be successful as a person within a small team, and one of the most important skills in any developer is the ability to empathize with others. This is important for several reasons: it’s key to understanding and working with team members, and also developing features that users will love. It’s also a skill that developers often struggle with.


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