XDebug Slides – OSCON 2009

I gave a talk at OSCON 2009 called “XDebug Your Code: Tips and Tricks for Writing Bug-Free High Impact Code.” The talk included slides, which are posted here for people to download and use.



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#tek09 – Day Two: A Hackathon And A Lesson

One of the greatest things about the PHP community is the willingness of people to help one another.

Picture this: you’ve got developers of all levels, working in the same room. They’ve been tasked with working on various open source projects. Only in PHP do you see expert level developers like Eli White, Matthew Turland and Sara Golemon teaching more inexperienced developers (like myself!)

Also in the PHP community: Sara Goleman was having a debate with a younger programmer who insisted that for loops were slower than while and do-while loops. Upon examining the source she discovered that in fact it was wrong – and she promised to look into it. You won’t get that in the Rails community.


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#tek09 Day 1 – Some Mighty Sessions

Day 1 sure started with a bang, with Andrei Zmievski doing a phenomenal keynote on the future of PHP. There were great photos, including the (in)famous “ball of nails” quote from Terry Chay. Then it was off to the breakout sessions.

Eli White knocked one out of the park with “Highly Scalable Web Applications” while Wez Furlong did a great job with “Getting It Done.” Liz Smith rocked the house with “SPL To The Rescue,” a talk that was so amazing it was being talked about at the cocktail party that night.


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#tek09 – Tutorial Session Roundup

Tuesday started off with little fanfare but much anticipation as the tutorial day at php|tek got underway. There were a lot of great tutorials, but I chose to attend the Security Boot Camp by Christian Wenz, and the Subversion tutorial by Lorna Mitchell and Matthew O’Phinney.

Both tutorials were great, with the Subversion tutorial being the more useful of the two for myself. Afterwards we all went out for some deep dish Chicago-style pizza which is an experience in itself. Deep dish Chicago piza is a pizza with a semi-thick crust and about two inches of cheese. The sauce is placed on top of the pizza (rather than between the crust and the cheese) to keep the cheese from drying out. It’s truly an experience.


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#tek09 – Getting Ready For php|tek

Next week is php|tek in Chicago.

Every day I’ll be blogging, tweeting and generally writing about how the conference is going. It will be fresh, fast, and relevant.

Also, in conjunction with John Bafford and my company, The Bivings Group, we’ve set up an auto-updating php|tek Twitter feed at http://twitter.bivings.com/. Note: Internet Explorer doesn’t work 100% well with this site, but Firefox, Chrome and Safari work perfectly.


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PHP Appalachia Roundup

PHP Appalachia 2008 came to a close yesterday, concluding four days of fun and friends.

We had great presentations by some of the best names in PHP, including Ben Ramsey, Brian DeShong, Matthew Turland, and lots of others. The evening ended with a RambleCast recording, and a viewing of The Goonies, a low-key end to a great weekend.

Elizabeth Naramore deserves the majority of the credit for a great event, since she spent most of the time and effort putting it on. Keith Casey receives honorable mention for his participation and planning as well.


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