Lessons Learned From An Impromptu Job Search

When I lost my job on October 12th, I knew that the PHP community was an invaluable resource for finding a new one. What I didn’t expect, though, was the outpouring of support and assistance I would receive from that community. I learned a lot of lessons from the job search, and thankfully, largely due to the involvement of the PHP community, I have a long-term contract that is both paying the bills and letting me form my own consulting company – a long term dream I’ve had (more on this in a future blog entry).

I wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned, because I think that they are important, and they helped me to find a position quickly, effectively, and easily. I actually had more than one opportunity to choose from – something that’s almost unheard of in the current economy.


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Why Coding Tests Are A Bad Interview Technique

One thing I’ve noticed in hunting for a job recently is the number of companies that insist that you write them a code sample to spec. Not just any code sample, but a fully functional, complete application. This is absurd, for several reasons.

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Need A PHP Developer? Why You Should Hire Me

There seem to be lots and lots of PHP folks out there looking to hire good PHP developers. Finding the right developer can be a challenge, as can finding the right job.

I’ve been looking for a couple weeks now, and I wanted to put together a short blurb on why you should consider hiring me to be on your PHP development team.


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Count The Costs

Imagine that you’ve just been offered a brand new job. That’s fantastic! Now, make sure you do the math and find out what it will cost you.

“Cost me?” you ask. Yes. Accepting a new job is exciting and often beneficial, but there are costs associated with it that you must consider before you sign the offer and tell off your present employer. Some of these costs are obvious, but others are less obvious. These costs are rarely fully explored, because we have a tendency to see the grass as greener someplace else, and if the offer we receive is substantially better than our current one, we are more inclined to accept it. But not counting the costs would be a huge mistake.


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Last Day at DC PHP

Today is my last day at DC PHP. I received an offer from The Bivings Group two weeks ago that was impossible to refuse; they’re two blocks from my current residence and they offered me a considerable salary increase. But still, I will miss DC PHP.

I’ve learned a lot here in the past eight months, about development, about how to design well, and about how development should be done. There is still much left to learn, but the lessons I have learned here are beneficial and important.


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It’s Official!

Well, it’s official folks: my last day at DC PHP is September 12th, and my first day at my new employer, The Bivings Group, is September 22nd (the first Monday after ZendCon).

I’ve enjoyed working for DC PHP and I’ve learned a lot. It was just time to move on. And, with the Bivings Group being only two blocks from my house, how could I refuse?


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