#tek09 – Day Two: A Hackathon And A Lesson

One of the greatest things about the PHP community is the willingness of people to help one another.

Picture this: you’ve got developers of all levels, working in the same room. They’ve been tasked with working on various open source projects. Only in PHP do you see expert level developers like Eli White, Matthew Turland and Sara Golemon teaching more inexperienced developers (like myself!)

Also in the PHP community: Sara Goleman was having a debate with a younger programmer who insisted that for loops were slower than while and do-while loops. Upon examining the source she discovered that in fact it was wrong – and she promised to look into it. You won’t get that in the Rails community.


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#followfriday – Those That Influence Me Most

I’m a big believer in giving credit where credit is due. There are a number of people who have influenced my experience as a programmer, and I want to take time on this Friday to talk about and thank each one of them individually. Oh, and they’re all on Twitter in case you want to go participate in #followfriday and add them to your list.

The five I picked have been influential in my development as a programmer, and I owe each of them a debt of gratitude. I wanted to highlight them, as they’re A-list members of the PHP community and people everyone should know. So, in no particular order…

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Looking Back: Learning From Old Code

In 2007 I wrote a blogging program from scratch. I was really proud of it, too. It was all my own invention, with a little help that I got from a Facebook developer I knew, and I worked really hard on it. Spent the whole summer writing it so I’d be able to launch it in time to blog from Washington, when I moved here. When I started looking for coding jobs, I gave them the website address as an example of my work.

Turns out that it’s great they didn’t ask for a code sample.

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Balancing Work And Life

Last year, I worked a lot. A lot. Between working full time (and sometimes overtime), and running a small business, I probably put in a good sixty or seventy hours a week. The money was nice and the projects were intriguing, that’s to be sure, but the workload was a bit too much.

I learned in doing it that you have to balance work and life, and you have to find a way to strike that balance for the benefit of the others in your life, too. Otherwise you end up alone, spending all your time working. I decided to employ five techniques for striking a work-life balance. Here I’ll share them with you.


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