The Truth About WordPress

If you ask the average PHP developer what they think about WordPress, you may be disappointed with their answer. Their answer may make you think that WordPress is the bastard child of PHP, totally unloved and unwelcome in the PHP community. They’ll cite code quality, community, even personalities in their argument. I’ve even heard stories of a WordPress developer asking a prominent member of the PHP community about using their tool to improve WordPress. The response? “WordPress needs a rewrite.”

And I should know; I’ve been quite vocal in my frustration with the fact that WordPress still tells people it’s okay to use old versions of PHP. And yet, despite WordPress’ shortcomings, it has definite advantages that the PHP community needs to recognize and embrace.


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You don’t need a framework

Looking through the list of PHP frameworks can be daunting. Zend Framework. Laravel. Cake. Symfony. Picking one and learning it can seem like the most important design decision you’ll make. And yet, picking a framework is actually one of the least important decisions you face.

In fact, you don’t need a framework at all. (more…)

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Languages Don’t Matter (Part Deux)


Last week, I wrote about how languages don’t matter; that it’s what you do with them that matters the most. This post generated predictable controversy, and it appears I may have lacked some clarity in my original arguments. I will correct this now.


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Languages Don’t Matter


Two craftsmen make chess sets. Beautiful chess sets. One craftsman uses old style tools: chisels, files, hammers of all sizes. His preferred material is stone; he carefully carves the pawns, the queen, the rooks and the knights with exquisite detail, like his father, and like his father’s father. Another craftsman uses more modern technology to melt and mold metals. He uses fire, molds, and tools that can withstand tremendous heat and pressure. His boards are different colored metals. His pieces are just as exquisite, just as delicate, just as beautiful as the other craftsman.


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