Wanted: New CEO for Mozilla

With Brendan Eich departing Mozilla just two weeks after he was hired as CEO, the Mozilla board is about to undertake a second CEO search, and I imagine they are understandably exhausted from the first one (as well as the backlash). Thus, I have taken the liberty of writing this job ad, which they are free to use in its entirety.

Wanted: New CEO for Mozilla


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The inexorable march of time

My last day at Mozilla was yesterday. I will surely miss it.

Most jobs I’ve had experienced only a two week resignation period, during which I wrapped up my projects and usually had some tension with those left behind. I was always moving on to something better (and I am in this case, too, but “better” is different in this sense), and they knew it. When the Vice President of Engineering thinks those who don’t live in the office are not dedicated enough to the company, most people wish to move on. And they resent the lucky few who do.

But Mozilla is different. Between the six week notice period (to finish up my goals) and the fact that I actually LOVE Mozilla, leaving was more like a slow, painful death than a quick, jubilant exit.


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Moving On

Everything we ever start will eventually end. It’s the natural cycle of things. We can’t avoid it. For me, the time has come, and my last day at Mozilla will be December 31st, 2013.

Working for Mozilla has been the most challenging, rewarding part of my career so far. Working with great people like Laura Thomson, not to mention the talented team on which I serve, has been tremendously amazing. It’s made me a better engineer with a greater perspective on the world and the way in which professionals in our field work. To say that I’ll miss it would be the understatement of the year.


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Socorro releases RabbitMQ into production!

On Tuesday, the Socorro team (mainly led by Selena Deckelmann and Brandon Burton) released RabbitMQ into production for Socorro crashes. This was a huge team effort, and it’s a tremendous accomplishment. I’m proud to have been involved in this process.

RabbitMQ will help us process crashes faster, more efficiently and without as much database traffic. We were also able to shut down Monitor, which had previously been responsible for queuing crashes, removing our “single point of failure” from our production environment.


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A Super Productive Quarter At Mozilla

At Mozilla, we set goals for ourselves in quarter increments; these goals are formalized at the beginning of the quarter and there are three months in which to move them forward. This process helps us to prioritize what is important to the company, to our team, and to us as individual developers.

During Q2, the Webtools team (on which I work) has been super busy doing a lot of wonderful things. While I’ll leave it to our esteemed manager, Laura Thomson, to call out all the team accomplishments, there are a number of things that I participated in, am proud of, and would love to share.


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When you die, will it matter?

All around the world, millions of developers trudge to their jobs. They sit in bland cubicles, dealing with pointy-haired bosses who don’t get them, and working on projects, some of which never see the light of day. It’s a meager existence, and they long to do something else. They’re working for the weekend.

I used to do a job like this. I sat in a grey cubicle with my back to the window (don’t ask me why). I worked for a man who thought that delivering client projects was the most important thing on earth and that if weekend plans had to get broken to do it, so be it.


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