Avoiding object oriented overkill

In the second live session of my object oriented design class, The Object Oriented PHP Masterclass, I show my students domain modeling, both with slides and with a live coding demonstration.

In my demonstration, I show them how I break the single model they’ve been using into three component parts: a value object, a data layer object (usually that talks to the database), and a gateway object that stands between the other two.


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Does your code keep you drowning in technical debt?

All of us would prefer to work on code that we love. And all of us are faced with code code that we feel…well, not so warm and fuzzy about. Its the nature of our business.

Legacy code is everywhere. From code that’s just been around a long time to code that was rushed to completion years and years ago and never fixed, we all have to deal with things that are imperfect and challenging to deal with.


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