PHP: The Good Parts – Book Review

Wez Furlong received a copy of PHP: The Good Parts as a thank you for his participation as a technical reviewer, and loaned it to me for a read. After reading it, I wanted to put together a brief review of the book for those who might be interested in this new title from O’Reilly.

My overall impression of the book was disappointment. To some degree I was hoping for a book that would show me special parts of PHP that perhaps I had overlooked; instead, the book focuses on a basic introduction to PHP, and one that isn’t very detailed in the first place. The book’s focus as an introduction also fails to teach basic programming concepts, meaning that non-programmers will not find the book to be useful.


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Book Review: PHP Team Development

A few weeks ago, Packt Publishing sent me a review copy of PHP Team Development. This free copy of the book was sent to me just in time for my vacation, and I had a chance to read it.

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Reviewing A Book

Earlier this week, I was contacted by Packt Publishing and asked to review one of their forthcoming books. I felt honored that they asked, and I’ll be reviewing the book on my blog in the next few weeks. For those who just can’t wait to see what they’re offering, you can check out the book, PHP Team Development.

In the interests of full disclosure, I received nothing in exchange for the review, except a free copy of the book (which is necessary in order to write a review).

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First Glance: Apple’s Snow Leopard

For those who like the newest in development tools, Apple has surely delivered with the Snow Leopard operating system upgrade.

Apple has compiled PHP 5.3, including many of the extensions they forgot in the PHP 5.2.x version included with Leopard. This includes GD, and the MySQL Native Driver (mysqlnd) that is available in PHP 5.3. They’ve also compiled Subversion 1.6.2, and Apache 2 is included as well (2.2.11).


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Examining Zend Server CE On The Mac

Zend yesterday released a beta of it’s release candidate for both Zend Server and Zend Server CE (Community Edition). Zend Server is not available for the Mac, but Zend Server CE is, so I decided to give it a try.

There are many good things in this product. Among them, is the ability to easily activate and deactivate most of the plugins and extensions that come bundled with PHP by default. I was able to turn imagick on with no trouble – something I’d been unable to previously compile on the Mac myself (problems with libraries and a lack of time). Most of the extensions are included by default, and it’s easy to configure the directives that PHP has for extensions and core alike. Plus, restarting PHP is as easy as a click of a button.


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