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NOTE: A considerable amount has changed since I wrote this review; Ning has undergone major transformations and this post no longer represents my views nor the current state of Ning. It remains for archive purposes only, but should not be construed as my view point and may be inaccurate.

For the past three days I’ve been travelling to a roundtable in Palo Alto, California to meet with Ning, the developers of a platform that allows you to create any social network for any purpose. They brought together some of the most important and largest networks on Ning to solicit feedback, gain input, and tell us about the roadmap they’re taking to development. And, I’ve got to say, their roadmap is both agressive and awesome.


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Twitter: The Next Customer Service Line?

A few months ago, I had Comcast Business internet installed at my home (since I run business-level services). It was a mess, but the process was helped by a guy named Frank who operates a Twitter account called @ComcastCares. He was informed, helpful, and above all, got the job done. I was impressed.

If that were an isolated incident, I’d say this was just an example of Comcast doing something innovative and new. But it’s not an isolated incident. Recently, I had a bad experience on Southwest Airlines, and I did what any Twitter-loving technophile would do: I contacted @SouthwestAir.


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