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Being a freelancer can be really isolating. You spend all your time working on client projects, rarely if ever working with another developer, and always wondering if you’re keeping up on the latest and greatest skills in the community. You’re always hungry for new work, and you’re always looking to the next thing. It can often feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

And some days, it is. After all, you have to care for your business, do all the work, and still find time to locate new jobs and work with new clients. Nobody understands the burden you’re under, and how could they?

And what about those new skills? Sure, you heard something about a new PSR standard, and you’ve gotten an inkling of the latest and greatest thing in the development world, but who has time for that kind of thing when you have real clients to serve, today? But you have a nagging feeling that if you don’t take the time to learn about these things, you’ll quickly fall out of touch with the community. And the catch-22 continues.

But freelancing doesn’t have to be isolating. Your tech skills don’t have to diminish just because you’re busy. What if instead of carrying the weight of the world, you could share it with someone else? What if you could gather valuable skills and feedback, not only on your business strategy but on your technical skills? What if you could take time to learn about the new things in the world, and learn how to use them for your clients?

Stop stressing. Start growing.

I’ve been there. As a small business owner, former freelancer, and a software developer, I get it. I understand what you’re going through. And I’ll help you get where you’re going.

In 2013 I started my own business, and grew it from nothing to a business that earns more than I ever earned in my job. Revenue last year was nearly six figures – in my first full year of being in business. This is the kind of success I want for you!

So many freelancers (even the most experienced ones) go through a feast or famine cycle, having either too much work or too much free time. And they struggle with figuring out how to acquire new leads, how to develop new business, how to develop recurring revenue, and ways to expand their reach. I have strategies that can help you do all these things, and more. Being a great freelancer is more than just technology – you have to be able to connect with your customers. We can do it together.

What you can expect

Here’s whats included in your coaching package:

What I expect from you

This is a commitment from you – a commitment to improve your business, to move forward as a developer, and to grow as a freelancer. I expect that you’ll put in the effort, that you’ll work hard, and that you’ll come prepared. But mostly, I expect your complete openness and honesty, because without it, this can’t work.

If you do the work, you’re going to be successful. You’ll have a stronger business, a long pipeline, and a wonderful opportunity to grow your small freelancing gig into something greater. I’m so confident that you’ll be thrilled with the outcome of our work that if you aren’t growing by the end of six months, and you’ve done the work, I’ll refund your money. Period.

My fee for coaching is just $595 for each month. This is perfect for the freelancer looking to take the next step. This fee is billable in quarterly installments (3 months at a time, minimum of 3 months).

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