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Maybe you struggle with object oriented code, understanding it and writing it. Perhaps you’re tired of having to rewrite code that doesn’t pass code review or introduces a bug you didn’t expect. Maybe you’d like to impress your boss by improving your skills without having to attend an expensive conference.

If any of that describes you, then I have good news: Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP is almost here! I’m launching it tomorrow to subscribers to my mailing list, and then on Wednesday to the general public. But here’s the catch: I’m offering a special 20% off launch day deal and it’s only available to people who are members of the launch list!

I remember trying to learn about object oriented programming. It was hard. I bought a number of thick textbooks which were totally unhelpful (and geared towards C or Java developers). I tried searching online. I tried reading the PHP manual. I read every PHP object oriented programming book that I could find, and I realized that there needed to be something different.

And so, Do This, Not That is different from other books on object oriented programming. First, it’s not written like a manual. Instead, you’ll get clear answers about complex object oriented development practices. Next, it’s designed to be practical, and so it covers useful aspects of object oriented development instead of boring theories. You’ll be able to immediately apply what you read to what you’re working on. Finally, it’s not focused on the abstract arts of object oriented development, but instead focused on PHP, making it relevant to your language of choice.

I decided to write books on PHP best practices because I want to help people improve their PHP development skills. The desire to help people is why I speak at conferences, give talks at user groups, and why I’ve written this book. I’m excited about how it will help developers understand the complex and difficult concepts behind object oriented development.

If you want to be one of the first to get a copy of Do This, Not That: Object Oriented PHP plus the 20% off launch day discount, sign up today. Sales begin at 8 am tomorrow Eastern (1300 UTC)! (Middle of the night for you? No problem; the sale will continue for 24 hours after the launch time, so feel free to buy then. But you only get this discount if you’re signed up!)

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Brandon Savage is the author of Mastering Object Oriented PHP and Practical Design Patterns in PHP

Posted on 12/17/2012 at 7:00 am
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