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It’s early on Day 3 of PHP Appalachia, and we’re having a wonderful time. The hot tub fun has just ended, and most people are straggling off to bed.

Saturday was mostly a traveling day for the majority of people, but everyone was pretty much together by 9 pm on Saturday. Traffic through Pigeon Forge is terrible; it took almost an hour to go the eight or nine miles off the highway to the cabin.

With the group assembled, the festivities began with a cross-regional meeting of the PHP Beverage Subgroup, organized by Keith Casey. The event was live-streamed until the evening moved down to the hot tub, where most people congregated and the party continued.

Unfortunately, we did have one injury: Cal Evans received a gash on his foot from broken glass that required thirteen stitches from the local hospital.

Sunday morning we had a great talk from Chris Shiflett on how to be a morning person…ok, that was a joke. But we did have a fantastic presentation by Ben Ramsey on RESTful web applications, followed by a great talk by Brian DeShong on presenting for the mobile web.

The evening ended with PHP Trivia, with the Haystack team winning by four points over my own team, the Pretty Hot Programmers. This was immediately followed by more hot tub, poker, and some of the best gumbo around.

We still have one full day remaining, and on Tuesday we head back to our homes with our memories. The internet connection is spotty here so I will try to update as soon as possible; full wrap up from Washington on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

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Posted on 10/13/2008 at 3:43 am
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