Isn’t it time to develop better object oriented applications?

You know that object orientd programming is the future of your code. And you want to write good object oriented code. You realize that wrapping procedural code in classes doesn’t make it object oriented, but how do you write good object oriented code?

Concepts like single responsibility, loose coupling and dependency inversion feel out of reach and impossible to understand. No matter what you do, object oriented code seems out of reach.

Plus, you know that growing in your job means learning to write better code, but you feel lost and stuck in your lack of understanding.

What can you do?

Imagine a better way…

What if instead of struggling with code, you could look at code and instantly know the good from the bad? If you could automatically know what to fix and what to leave? If developing object oriented code could feel natural to you?

What if you could not only impress your boss, but your coworkers, with your understanding of object oriented development? What would happen if you could get that promotion or raise, or even a better job, because of your improved understanding of object oriented development?

Writing better object oriented code IS possible!

Writing better object oriented code isn’t some pipe dream. It’s something you can do. And I will help you.

In the Fundamentals of Object Oriented Design, you will learn not only the principles behind object oriented programming, but also how you can implement those principles right away in your own code. No more guesswork, no more staring endlessly at your screen wondering how to apply the basics; you’ll come away from Fundamentals with a solid understanding of precisely how to implement these practices each and every day!

With the Fundamentals of Object Oriented Design, instead of being the person always asking questions, you’ll be the person people come to for help and advice. You’ll have new insight and experience that you can share with others.

Through an interactive five-hour course, you will see good and bad code, along with concrete examples that you can use to improve your own object oriented skills. No contrived code examples here; no five hour long slide decks. Instead, we’ll look at real, live, in-production code to learn about both the good and the bad!

The class online to fit your schedule and location.

No need to travel for The Fundamentals of Object Oriented Design; I’m coming to you! Well, virtually anyway! This five-hour class will be conducted entirely online. Plus, you’ll get videos and copies of the materials after the class is over that you can refer to over and over again!

What do previous students have to say?

After teaching several online classes, my students have had lots of positive things to say about the overall experience. Here’s just a few of their comments:

“If you’re a PHP developer, do yourself a favor and take [Brandon’s] course. I was skeptical but ended up registering at the last minute and it’s the best career decision I’ve made in years. Brandon did an amazing job explaining concepts in a way that was easy to understand and able to be put to use immediately. He was very accessible and I was able to ask many of the OOP questions that have been floating around in my head for years. I learned more in the first week than I expected to learn from the whole course. Brandon definitely delivers when he says…” ~ M. Hughes

“Brandon is an awesome presenter – both in person and remote. The live coding demonstrations are so amazingly helpful – and these are not just ‘watch me’ sessions. There is a lot of real-time discussion with the class throughout the sessions.” ~ K. Jones

“Definitely money well spent!” ~ M. Hampson

Enjoy a 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to get a maximum experience out of the Fundamentals of Object Oriented Design. If you’re not completely satisfied with the course, simply send me an email within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase in full, no questions asked. To date I’ve never been asked for a full refund, and in all the books I’ve sold I can count refunds on one hand.

Are you ready to write better object oriented applications?

Join me on November 14th, 2013 at 11 am Eastern to 4 pm Eastern (see for your local time). All of this is available to you for $249 just $219 through November 5th!

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