Book Review: “The Grumpy Programmer’s Guide To Building Testable Applications”

When most developers think about books on testing, they think about books that highlight things like “test driven development” or “how to build a test for X.” There are lots and lots of testing books out there that supposedly teach us how to write tests and reach milestones like “100% test coverage.” But at the risk of sounding risque, testing is very similar to sex: more people claim to do it than actually do, most people claim more experience with it than they actually have, and more people have advice on the subject than probably should.

This is not true of Chris Hartjes’ book, “The Grumpy Programmer’s Guide To Building Testable PHP Applications”. When I asked Chris if I could review his book, I expected a step-by-step guide to writing tests. What I got was a step-by-step guide to building an application that COULD be tested. There’s a big difference, and it’s important to understand the distinction.


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Book Review: PHP Team Development

A few weeks ago, Packt Publishing sent me a review copy of PHP Team Development. This free copy of the book was sent to me just in time for my vacation, and I had a chance to read it.

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Reviewing A Book

Earlier this week, I was contacted by Packt Publishing and asked to review one of their forthcoming books. I felt honored that they asked, and I’ll be reviewing the book on my blog in the next few weeks. For those who just can’t wait to see what they’re offering, you can check out the book, PHP Team Development.

In the interests of full disclosure, I received nothing in exchange for the review, except a free copy of the book (which is necessary in order to write a review).

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