Thinking About Trac Replacements? Consider Mtrack.

Recently, I began working alongside Wez Furlong here at Message Systems. One of the many tools we use is Mtrack. This tool is a port of Trac into PHP, along with the addition of some great new features. Spearheaded by Wez, it’s a great tool that we use internally for our projects, and since it’s stable, it’s worth mentioning to the world.

Mtrack is still in it’s early stages of development, but is certainly a stable piece of software that gets the job done. Having used it for a few weeks, I can say that it’s easy enough to learn, and has some distinct advantages to it over Trac for PHP developers. First and foremost, it is written in PHP, which makes it easier to administrate and maintain than a Python-based application. Second, it allows for multiple projects in the same installation by default, which is a significant improvement over Trac. Third, it allows you to have a repository on one server and an Mtrack instance on another server, and still be able to use that repository in your Mtrack instance. Mtrack also offers some great features, including built-in support for Agile-like development and a plugin architecture that makes writing plugins easy.


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Tracking and Fixing Bugs In Software Projects

In software development, it’s crucial to track bugs and new features, and to be able to know exactly where a project is at any given moment. Bug tracking is crucial tot his goal; it allows a project manager to know what has been finished and what still must be done, as well as to outline to each developer their goals and responsibilities.

Most developers agree on the importance of bug tracking. Here are five tips I use when utilizing bug tracking.


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Why Tracking Bugs In Personal Projects Matters

A lot of time and effort goes into designing processes for development projects when the projects are professional or work-related projects. We spend hours investing in version control, bug tracking, specification design, and process.

But what about our own personal projects, that we do either for money or for fun? Too often, it seems like these development practices are abandoned, especially with regards to the use of a bug tracker. I know I have personally been guilty of failing to use a bug tracker, even though I use things like Subversion and develop specifications. It’s easy to forget, but important to remember. Here are five reasons why our personal projects should utilize a bug tracker.


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