Peer Review: Managing Coding Standards

If you need a sample of the code, please visit here.

One of the first things I look for when I check out code is how is the code organized? Is it laid out well? Is it coded to a particular standard?

In our code sample, the first thing we should address is how does the code look. There are a number of suggestions I would make immediately. Let’s dive in.

There are no DocBlocks or clear coding standards.

No clear coding standard jumps out at you right away when you read this code. There’s a lack of consistency, but beyond that, code completion is hindered by a lack of standards. Also, there’s no DocBlocks, which would help improve the documentation of the code.

There are lots of coding standards out there: PEAR, WordPress, Drupal and Zend Framework all have a coding standard in place that you can adopt in your own code. I highly recommend it.

The first thing I might do is add some DocBlocks. It will help us understand the code better.

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