Five Tips To Make Good Object-Oriented Code Better

Last week, I did a talk at the Frederick Web meetup about tips and tricks for improving your object-oriented code. A lot of these tips were adapted from a fabulous presentation by Stefan Priebsch but the ideas are by no means original to him, and they’re exceptionally good ideas when you’re talking about object-oriented code. Slides are at the end of this blog post, and I’m happy to do this talk over again for local groups.

#1 Use Objects. Lots of Objects
This point is taken directly out of Stefan’s slides, because it’s such a good point. There seems to be a perception in the PHP world that using lots of objects is slow, cumbersome, or plain difficult to maintain. But the reality is that this is not true at all (for example the object model in PHP 5.3 is vastly improved over older models).


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