In Defense of Development Practices

On Tuesday, Marco Tabini told us that we were doing it all wrong. He makes some fantastic points about software development overall, and about the state of our profession. This article’s point isn’t to be a rebuttal, but a corollary to what he had to say.

Marco is right: every one of us is “doing it wrong.” If we examine our development practices, and compare them against the “best practices” of our industries, we’re never perfect. We always fall short of the goal. Yet our code doesn’t fail; in fact, for almost all of us it works and works well – it’s the only reason we haven’t gone on to basket making as a profession.


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Why Tracking Bugs In Personal Projects Matters

A lot of time and effort goes into designing processes for development projects when the projects are professional or work-related projects. We spend hours investing in version control, bug tracking, specification design, and process.

But what about our own personal projects, that we do either for money or for fun? Too often, it seems like these development practices are abandoned, especially with regards to the use of a bug tracker. I know I have personally been guilty of failing to use a bug tracker, even though I use things like Subversion and develop specifications. It’s easy to forget, but important to remember. Here are five reasons why our personal projects should utilize a bug tracker.


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