Giving Thanks

In the United States, we take the fourth Thursday in November to give thanks for all the things we appreciate, and all the people who matter. I know that without PHP, my life wouldn’t be nearly the same; the language I use every day plays a critical role in everything else I do: it provides money to pay bills, a sense of accomplishment, and the joy of working in a language that is truly fantastic.

We owe lots and lots of people for the PHP language, people who are not often thanked nearly enough. Thus, I have decided to pick five people that have contributed significantly in the last year, and (in no particular order), discuss their accomplishments and thank them each personally. I realize that PHP is an effort of several hundred individuals, and that each one deserves credit; there simply wouldn’t be the space to thank them here personally, but each contributor should know that I personally appreciate each and every one of you.


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