Seven Things

John Whitcraft tagged me with the task of writing seven things about myself, and then tagging seven others. Here’s my list.

  1. I’m not classically trained as a computer scientist. I’m actually a political scientist. I learned PHP out of necessity, to solve a particular problem, and it’s become my career.
  2. The very first day I had my drivers license I locked myself out of the car. My mother, working for a Bible college at the time and writing the newsletter, used that story, so my experience is world renown.
  3. There’s not a genre of music that I don’t listen to; I like a little bit of everything. I’m an avid music fan.
  4. Though I have cable I rarely watch it. You’ll usually find me watching TV on my computer, or watching my boxed sets of the West Wing.
  5. I played the violin from the third grade until my freshman year of high school, when I switched to string bass. I’m also told I have a nice tenor voice.
  6. The first project I ever developed was a CIA-themed game, whereby players were supposed to fill in a very long biography. I sent one of my players to complete the task, only to have his entries truncated at the first apostrophe he entered. I then learned about stripslashes(); mysql_real_escape_string() came several years later, unfortunately.
  7. I’ve wanted to be a business owner since about 13, when I had this great idea to catalog all the businesses in my town and make them searchable on a map, with their phone numbers and such. Yeah. Google Maps stole my idea.


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