July Slides

July was a month of talks and travel, including speaking at OSCON and user group talks to DCPHP and PDXPHP.

For those who saw the “Micro Optimize This!” talk, you can download the slides here.


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Micro Optimizations That Don’t Matter

Last week I wrote about some optimizations you can apply to your code that will improve the performance of your site significantly. I also mentioned that regularly an article pops up talking about ways to shave time off your scripts, and I talked about how these articles mostly are bunk. Like this one.

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“Micro” Optimizations That Matter

Every few weeks, someone publishes an article talking about how it’s faster to use single quotes rather than double quotes and how you should use echo() instead of print(). Most of these are bunk; that is, the time we spend talking about them far exceed the CPU time saved by implementing them.

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