PHP Appalachia Roundup

PHP Appalachia 2008 came to a close yesterday, concluding four days of fun and friends.

We had great presentations by some of the best names in PHP, including Ben Ramsey, Brian DeShong, Matthew Turland, and lots of others. The evening ended with a RambleCast recording, and a viewing of The Goonies, a low-key end to a great weekend.

Elizabeth Naramore deserves the majority of the credit for a great event, since she spent most of the time and effort putting it on. Keith Casey receives honorable mention for his participation and planning as well.


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In Progress: PHP Appalachia

It’s early on Day 3 of PHP Appalachia, and we’re having a wonderful time. The hot tub fun has just ended, and most people are straggling off to bed.

Saturday was mostly a traveling day for the majority of people, but everyone was pretty much together by 9 pm on Saturday. Traffic through Pigeon Forge is terrible; it took almost an hour to go the eight or nine miles off the highway to the cabin.


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