#tek09 – Day Two: A Hackathon And A Lesson

One of the greatest things about the PHP community is the willingness of people to help one another.

Picture this: you’ve got developers of all levels, working in the same room. They’ve been tasked with working on various open source projects. Only in PHP do you see expert level developers like Eli White, Matthew Turland and Sara Golemon teaching more inexperienced developers (like myself!)

Also in the PHP community: Sara Goleman was having a debate with a younger programmer who insisted that for loops were slower than while and do-while loops. Upon examining the source she discovered that in fact it was wrong – and she promised to look into it. You won’t get that in the Rails community.


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#tek09 – Getting Ready For php|tek

Next week is php|tek in Chicago.

Every day I’ll be blogging, tweeting and generally writing about how the conference is going. It will be fresh, fast, and relevant.

Also, in conjunction with John Bafford and my company, The Bivings Group, we’ve set up an auto-updating php|tek Twitter feed at http://twitter.bivings.com/. Note: Internet Explorer doesn’t work 100% well with this site, but Firefox, Chrome and Safari work perfectly.


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