Balancing Work And Life

Last year, I worked a lot. A lot. Between working full time (and sometimes overtime), and running a small business, I probably put in a good sixty or seventy hours a week. The money was nice and the projects were intriguing, that’s to be sure, but the workload was a bit too much.

I learned in doing it that you have to balance work and life, and you have to find a way to strike that balance for the benefit of the others in your life, too. Otherwise you end up alone, spending all your time working. I decided to employ five techniques for striking a work-life balance. Here I’ll share them with you.


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Taking Time

I took the weekend off to head back to California and visit my mother for her birthday. It was a wonderful time, and it was a reminder of the need to take time off to rest and relax. Code written by people who are tired and worn out is never as good as code written by those refreshed.

Though this will be a busy week it won’t be an exceptionally busy one. I generally hold that if you have to do more work when you come back than you normally would something is wrong – coming back from a vacation to a higher stress level than when you left is bad.


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