Painless Spec and Schedule Development

In the time that I have developed software, I don’t know that I’ve ever met a developer who got excited about writing specs for anything. In fact, most developers loathe writing specs, or developing schedules of any kind. It’s not that they’re lazy, or that they don’t want to be held accountable; most of the time it’s because developers prefer to express themselves via code, or because developers are afraid that if they set a schedule, and then reality doesn’t match up, they’ll be forced to produce sub-standard code. Neither of these is an ideal situation.

This is directly at odds with the business need of specifications and schedules. Businesses need schedules to know when products will be finished and schedule things like trade shows, product launches, and write contracts with clients who need or want a particular product. It’s not as if businesses want to push their developers to insanity by forcing them to schedule and then stick to it; more often than not thousands of dollars hinges on the schedule, and it simply must be met.


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