The Five Tools I Can’t Develop Without

Every developer has a toolkit of favorite tools and applications that help them develop more effectively. Being individuals, developers often differ (and in some cases, argue) about the tools they use. One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is “what are the tools you use?” and that was the genesis of this blog post. While there are many tools that I would feel lost without, I have listed the five that I see as most crucial to my ability to effectively develop software.

Dual monitors with a fast machine


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Bug-Free: Your Bug-Fixing Toolkit (Part 1 of N)

PHP has a large number of tools for fixing bugs and resolving underlying issues. But many people don’t know what they are, and some of them are extensions requiring installation in order to work. In this series, we’ll explore some features for debugging PHP scripts, from the most basic to more advanced.

Today we will discuss tools that ought to be in your bug-fixing toolkit already. There are three tools that everyone should already have:


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