Converting To WordPress

Tonight I took the plunge. After nearly two years of writing and maintaining my own blogging software, I converted over to WordPress, the ubiquitous platform used by, well, pretty much everyone.

My choice to switch was made simple by a number of considerations. First, blogging software, especially of the WordPress variety, has gotten very complex, with a unique set of features and a high level of participation by the community. Second, I have less time now than I used to with which to write and maintain a code base. Third, I have other projects that demand my attention, and there’s a limit to how much investment I want to make in blogging software.


Friday, February 13th, 2009 @ 11:08 pm | Comment (6) | Categories: System Architecture

Benchmark Early and Often

This past week I had to deal with a new concept: a client site that failed due to excessive load. Most of the week was spent optimizing the site by doing the critical components: installing APC, ensuring that our caching (Akamai) was satisfactory and properly configured, and making performance improvements.

But one thing that became very important was the benchmark test. Using ApacheBench, we identified the blind spots, weak spots, and bottlenecks in our web server (WordPress…duh) and worked to address them.


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