Do The Ratings Matter?

Cal Evans sent around ratings from ZendCon sessions yesterday, and there seems to be a great deal of debate on Twitter about what they mean. Are they indicators of a person’s suitability to speak? Are they indicators of where a person’s weaknesses are?

Both Matthew Turland and Ben Ramsey wrote that they were less than excited about their personal ratings. Having heard both of them speak, I think the ratings are, shall we say, overrated.


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Zendcon Roundup (#zendcon)

ZendCon is over, and it’s time for a roundup of the best and worst of ZendCon 2008.

Zend did a fantastic job, and it showed in the organization and execution of the event. ZendCon was one of the best organized conferences I’ve been to in a while. As a presenter I was given (most of) the things I needed, the food was higher quality than I had anticipated, and I really enjoyed the speakers. Some of the best included Chris Shiflett, Eli White, Elizabeth M. Smith and many others.

There were a number of great receptions, including the ZCE reception, the welcome reception and the vendors reception. The only exception was the Yahoo! party, which did not live up to expectations. However, a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, which was great.


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ZendCon Roundup: Days 1 and 2 (#zendcon)

Well, good morning to all you ZendCon peeps! I hope everyone has been having a great time! I know I have.

It’s been a whirlwind two days, and we have two more still to come! Starting with tutorials on Monday, we had some great presentations on SQL and other topics. The speaker’s reception on Monday night was exceptional as well; it was a great time and there were a lot of great conversations.


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ZendCon Is Coming! ZendCon Is Coming!

I’ve been working hard at bringing a great presentation to everyone for ZendCon, and I’ve completely neglected my blog. But here I am, and I must say I’m excited.

From what I can tell, ZendCon 2008 looks to be the best ZendCon ever. Of course, I’m biased, having not been to the others, but there are some impressive speakers lined up, and it looks like it’s going to be a great time.


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