I’m a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences around the world. Below are current and previous talks that have been given or will soon be given at various PHP events.

Data Abstraction for Large Web Applications

The principles of abstraction are drilled into us repeatedly, and we work hard to abstract the layers of our applications. Abstraction between layers is excellent, but what about abstraction within layers, especially the data layer? Many developers still build database-centric applications, and then struggle the day they need an additional or new data source. Learn the reasons why this is a poor design choice, and the best ways to avoid it.
Presented at: PHP UK 2012

Beautiful Models in PHP

Do you find yourself frustrated by the creation of models in the model view controller architecture? Does the lack of a standard method for model creation drive you crazy? Come find out how to avoid the pitfalls of creating models in PHP. Learn how to build models that will last no matter the next technology fad!
Presented at: DC PHP, Feb 2013

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