#tek09 – Day Two: A Hackathon And A Lesson

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One of the greatest things about the PHP community is the willingness of people to help one another.

Picture this: you’ve got developers of all levels, working in the same room. They’ve been tasked with working on various open source projects. Only in PHP do you see expert level developers like Eli White, Matthew Turland and Sara Golemon teaching more inexperienced developers (like myself!)

Also in the PHP community: Sara Goleman was having a debate with a younger programmer who insisted that for loops were slower than while and do-while loops. Upon examining the source she discovered that in fact it was wrong – and she promised to look into it. You won’t get that in the Rails community.

The best thing about conferences is the community around them. Non-assuming giants in code and contributions work alongside newbie developers to solve problems and discuss important issues. People are willing to teach and others are eager to learn, making the PHP community grow.

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Posted on 5/22/2009 at 12:30 am
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