ZendCon Is Coming! ZendCon Is Coming!

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I’ve been working hard at bringing a great presentation to everyone for ZendCon, and I’ve completely neglected my blog. But here I am, and I must say I’m excited.

From what I can tell, ZendCon 2008 looks to be the best ZendCon ever. Of course, I’m biased, having not been to the others, but there are some impressive speakers lined up, and it looks like it’s going to be a great time.

For those of you getting in early, I’ll be around on Sunday night. For those of you getting in just on time, well shame on you! No, I know that people have other commitments. That’s ok with me.

Oh, and the weather forecast? Sunny, with a high of no more than 80, with about 25% humidity. Ahh, how I can’t wait for California weather…

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Posted on 9/9/2008 at 9:09 am
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