ZendCon Roundup: Days 1 and 2 (#zendcon)

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Well, good morning to all you ZendCon peeps! I hope everyone has been having a great time! I know I have.

It’s been a whirlwind two days, and we have two more still to come! Starting with tutorials on Monday, we had some great presentations on SQL and other topics. The speaker’s reception on Monday night was exceptional as well; it was a great time and there were a lot of great conversations.

Tuesday started the regular sessions, with a keynote by Zend’s Harold Goldberg, followed by breakout sessions including my own. We learned about the Knight Rider Methodology to Software Development from Eli White and Keith Casey put on a great Uncon. I presented, and for anyone interested, my slides and my materials are available on the projects page.

Last night we had a reception for the entire conference, with great food and again great conversations. There was plenty of opportunity to speak with some of the movers and shakers of PHP.

ZendCon has been exceptionally enjoyable, and has been quite a wired conference. There’s an IRC chatroom, and we tag Twitter posts with #zendcon – actually reaching #4 on Summarize yesterday, beating out bigger names like John McCain and Barack Obama (Sarah Palin was still #1 or #2).

As Day 3 gets underway, I’ll be taking the Zend Certification Exam, and adding to my knowledge with some great sessions on AJAX, security, and other items. See everyone there!

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